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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tuitions: Not This Time

I know every parent wants their to be an achiever in academic they will do whatever necessary. For me, if needed i may send my eldest daughter,Qasrina to tuition. Before I do that, i need to put some considerations as she just 8 years old.

Who says mom never worries about her kids academic, Qasrina's math quite worrisome, she couldn't remember the multiplication. I'd questioned myself,does she need enrichment class or tuition? I still stand to my self-note,NOT THIS TIME!

I'm putting into consideration of tuition for Qasrina because of these reasons :

1) Little Missy is 8 yrs old

Let her enjoy the playtime. She had spend about 4 hours at the daycare..which sometimes TC Zaza will give her exercises to complete. Then she attended formal public school from 1.30pm to 6pm..after excluded the rest time,travell time..etc..roughly she spend at least 10 hrs for academics. OMG!! I can't imagine how tough her day was..not to forget sometime she has house chores to do..

2) We cannot afford the tuition fee

The fee is killing our pockets..eventhough me and my husband both working. We have to consider every single cents spent wisely. Not to say we're not care for my daughter enrichment with current economic conditions, we're very careful with budgeting. I did my survey on the fees, for Mathematic is cost around RM120-150..The fee was charge per subject.Let say I wanted my little Qina to attend Math and English classes, monthly budget will increase about RM 300-320. Living in the middle income family, cost is always a consideration.

3) Let her enjoy the playtime

Academic pressure is everyway, our child is subjected to get into this stress at their tender age. If I send her for another 3hrs tuition class..bare in mind this does not include her travel time,at least 1-2hrs..she'll lost the precious time she suppose to rest and play with the other kids. She should enjoying her right and create a memorable childhood stories.. And doing simple thing like play.

4) I want to spend my time with my kids

I'm a working mom,after a long day struggling with hectic traffic and office task, all i want to do is get home and hugs my kids. With a limited time 6.30pm -7.30am..why should I waste the bonding times?  I prefer to teach them myself and check their school bag. Weekend always be a family day, we play the puzzle, taking them to playground and such.

5) I trust my kids and accept the failure

Let them study for themselves,not to meet your expectation. Be rational our kids were not born as a genius, it's OK they sometimes fail in certain subjects, as study is clearly a learning process let them gain the survival skills on their own.

There is so much thing in life. Let them always be  kids, pour them with love, give their right to play.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mouth Ulcer: Home Remedies Relief

Ouchhh...mouth ulcer could be painful, it really affects how difficult to speak and eat.  I felt it before, and now it is REPEATING!!!!

Mouth ulcer take 2-3 weeks to fully healing..nothing can cure it on the spot..hereby i recommend home remedies for mouth ulcer:

1) Bikar and sea salt

Use lukewarm water to mix bikar and seasalt. Rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day.

2) Honey

Apply a point of honey onto the ulcerated areas. Honey retains the moisture along with the antibacterial effects.

3) Ice cubes

If the mouth ulcer is causing a lot of pain, gently rub a small ice cube over the spot or rinse your mouth with ice-cold water.

4) Water

Drinks plenty of water to keep you dehydrated. Mouth may also caused by excess of body heat. Substances help you balance your body temperature

The above remedies might not be 100% cure your mouth ulcer faster but with these home remedies you can expect faster relief and less painful.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Kedai Alatan Jahitan Shah Alam

Amboi..dah ade mood nak update blog malam ni ...dah mention kt previous postkan , Mummy update blog ikut mood.

Since mood menjahit tengah berkobar..meh sini nak kabor kan.. sape -sape yang nak mencari kedai alatan menjahit area Shah Alam ni ..sila la ke Expertailor Seksyen 7 ..Landmark dia senang jer, Jakel Shah Alam, tapi kedai ni kt blok lagi satu. Ni address nya :

No 4G Jalan Plumbum P7/P,
Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

Then satu lagi kedai .. Karysma Store. Kedai ni terletak kat Seksyen 16. Landmark nya, IRDKL Cinema or Mee Tarik Warisan Asli. Ni haa address Karysma Store:

C-9-G, Jalan serai wangi L/16 L, 
Alam Avenue 2, 40200 Shah Alam 

So korang bole la shopping kat sane yer...sorry la Mummy tak amek lak gambar masa pegi kedai ni..tak sempat ler nak snap ..
bila kuar dengan Qina & Qisya ..

Hobi Baru Mummy & Ayah


Dah lama sangat tak bersiaran... tahun 2017 ni la post terbaru ..Mummy busy sangat, plus nak update blog pun ikut mood.

Tahun ni Mumy ngan Mr Husband ade hobi baru..jeng..jeng ..nak tau ape??? MENJAHIT...tapi Mr Husband yang mejahit..Mummy lak main order jer...

Our 1st sewing project is Telekung Kakak Qina...bukan main lagi gigih men-Google cara menjahit..maklum lah kami somi isteri takde basic menjahit. Ni pun try an error jer.Alhamdulillah jadi gak...

2nd project - Palazzo Qina & Qisya..alhamdullillah jadi jugak heheeheh..

Telekung by Ayah 

Toys baru Mummy...oops Ayah punye kut..

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Miss Right!!

Mesti korang pun ada jumpa orang cm ginikan..asyik dia jer yang betul..orang lain semua salah. Pastu kalo dah ade decision,asyik nak argue jer.. Tak puas hati pulak dengan decision orang lain,nak buat cmna,awak pun bukan decesion maker..I ni lagi laa..Malas la nak argue..diamkan jer. Pendek citer kalo rasa tak bole nak accept, take it or leave it..

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bibir Kering Ketika Berpuasa

Dry mouth..dry lips..ni la yang paling tak best semasa bulan puasa...tangan ni pulak asyik gatal je nak kopek kulit bibir yang kering tu. Tips nak atasi bibir kering ade kat bawah ni ye..

1) Fluids..minum banyak air semasa dan selepas berbuka.

2) Penggunaan lip balm. Looks for a lip balm which rich of moisturizer,containing natural oils and are labeled SPF (sun protecting factor). The content can keep the lips from sunlight is one trigger dry lips...ni copy paste dari blog NaraNia. I pakai lip Akkakappa..well recommended.

3) Madu..sebelum masuk tido,sapukan madu di bibir..then Zzzzzz..madu ni bagi treatment tok bibir,lagi-lagi kalo bibir yang korang dh kopek dan berdarah. I dah try,sangat OK.

4) Butter..penah try jugak letak butter..actually pagi tadi dah try,so far Ok jee

5) Vaseline...for some people,this might be worked, but for other might be not,not for me as well. korang bole la try.

6) Soft toothbrush,  sambil mandi tu. Lagi-lagi yang mandi air panas tu berus la bibir tu tok buang sel kulit mati..ni namanya lip skin exfoliating..

3) Lip serum..xpenah try lagi..penah sale promoter kt SASA promote aritu,tak ingat lak brand apa,harga lebih kurang dalam RM80-90...

Good luck and Happy Fasting

Friday, June 10, 2016

Puasa & Breastfeeding

Alhamdulillah.. Ni masuk tahun ke-2 dah berpuasa sambil menyusukan si kenit Qisya.. Mula-mula memang macam tak confident jer, risau EBM sikit..syukur EBM cukup untuk anak. Just nak share tips..ni bukan based on medication or what-so-ever,tetapi dari experience sendiri...

1) Mindset ibu
Bila kurang minum air or makan,pasti ibu risaukan..ibu-ibu kene positive. Milk production akan cukup ye

2) Air kosong
Banyakkan minum air kosong semasa dan selepas berbuka. 2gelas semasa berbuka, diikuti lagi segelas sebelum tido,segelas lagi tengahmlm,bgn sahur dan selepas sahur.

3) Jaga makan
Makan makanan yang berkhasiat atau makan yang bole menambah susu e.g oats,kurma,susu,badam,sayuran,dan makanan tinggi protien

4) Afternoon nap
Ibu-ibu pun kene cukup rehat, tak kira la yang bekerja atau housewife, at least take your afternoon nap. Badan kene boost energy setelaj penat berpuasa.

5) Doa dan selawat
Percaya kepada Allah,sentiasa berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki,susu ibu pun rezeki juga..rezeki Allah luas. Sambil produce EBM,sertakan dengan selawat dan zikir

Itu je la tips dari experience sendiri..

Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm Back 2016

Isk..isk..isk lama betul tak update blog ni..
Since dah ade si kecik ni,memang tak sempat la nak update blog,bukan tu je. Mummy pun malas jugak hehehe..

Arini nak bebel pasal ape ye..tah ler..takde idea lak.

OK Bai..